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Enjoy exploring a few of our home designs that exemplify the diversity of our office. Every style of architecture has it's own uniqueness and charm. We work hard to have your project be as unique as you are.

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What Your Plan Set Will Include*

Hand Drawn Excellence

Your drawings will be artistically prepared expressly for you by hand. Terry has found that his clients and their contractors get a much better and more accurate product if he continues to draw by hand rather than computer. This ensures that each home design will be fresh and unique to each client and as accurate as possible. Terry has been drawing for many years and has refined his process to ensure timely and accurate drawings so as to be competitively priced yet uncompromising in quality.

Site Plan

This is a drawing showing how your home relates to property borders, wells, drain fields, etc. (required by Building Dept.)

Floor Plans

These drawings show the basic layout of the home & how rooms are organized.


Depicts all the sides of the exterior of the home in a 2 dimensional format.

Foundation Plan:

Shows the configuration of all concrete walls and footings.

Framing Plans:

These plans indicate how the roof and floors are framed and what sizes of joists, rafters and beams the Contractor is to use.


Drawings showing how certain portions of the home are to be constructed in detail to a scale that makes them easy to read.

Building Sections:

These drawings show a cut through the building where one can view the inside of the home much like looking inside a dollhouse. These are useful to the builder in understanding the Designer's concept on how the home is to be built.

Interior Finish Schedule:

This is a chart calling out all the interior finishes such as flooring, door types, door & window trims, countertop materials, etc. We will complete this together as a team. Don't worry, we'll help you through it.

Interior Elevations:

These are 2 dimensional drawings of those interior areas that require a bit more explanation to show Contractor that area is to look like.

Electrical Plans:

These look very similar to the Floor Plans but are simpler and only show where light fixtures, outlets, and switches are to be placed. Once again, we will work on this together to make sure we get it just as you wish.

3D Perspective Drawing:

This starts as a hand drawn 3 dimensional pencil sketch and will evolve into a very attractive pen and ink rendering when the project is done and will serve as the front page of the drawings.

*Above listing of plans received is based on a flat rate contract. Hourly contracts allow for fee to be kept to a minimum but also may not include all items listed above.